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..Buy my Book April 29, 2020. -Memoir.

Ashley, a 37-year-old transgender girl from Victoria, Australia, goes on an EPIC journey through both hilarious and horrific times in her life. Surviving mental illness, homelessness, substance abuse and suicide attempts, she finds herself at the end of this self-actualised and loving life. A rollercoaster of an adventure, which is sure to have you in both tears of laughter and tears of sadness.

Review by Ali.

People are all different and each individual has their own unique journey or purpose in life. As a male to female transgender person, Ashleys journey so far has been filled with much trauma and discrimination. Drugs and masochism have helped take the focus away from the pain in her mind and redirected it as pain in her body. Smack My Bitch Up is Ashleys second memoir and one that takes you on her journey through the past two years of her life. Sometimes she recounts, sometimes relives, but mostly she reflects on life, philosophy and the disparities in humankind, with the intent of helping the reader on their journey towards self-actualisation. Smack My Bitch Up is raw in its honesty and will shock, sadden and move you towards a better understanding of others and self.

..Buy my Book Nov, 22, 2019. -Action/Adventure.

Ashley, a mentally debilitated young girl, is forced to go on a journey to a remote, isolated place with no phone reception. The whereabouts is totally unknown to her. A horrific experience takes place that could change her life forever. What does she choose life or death? Or is she too afraid of both?

..Buy my BookJan 13, 2017. -Crime/Mystery.

Verminton City County in the State of Kensington in 2050, Ashley finds herself in the centre of a bloody crime scene. She is put on trial for the death of her mothers new boyfriend, with the threat of death by lethal injection hanging over her. Whilst she attends trial she resides in a prestigious mental asylum where she loses her sense of self and hope. As the trial draws to a close, Ashley does the unexpected and becomes what she calls the Lamb of God.

..Buy my Book Dec 11, 2016. -Memoir.

Within the walls of Solemesh, Alishas Kingdom of Mental Illness, the tragedy and trauma unfolds as Courtney, Alishas horrific witch and bitch-like personality and ruler of her masochistic behaviour, takes hold. At will, Courtney leaves a trail of destruction and discontent in Alishas cocooned and what seems to be a forever debilitating life of seclusion and sadness. However, Alisha finds sanctuary in her unlikely recovery through her treating professionals and hard work that transforms her into a bright wondrous natured person that is able to fly beyond her horrific past, escaping the demons of Solemesh and finding happiness, purpose and prosperity in her life, living as a transgender girl in Victoria, Australia.