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Welcome to my website!! My name is Ashley.

I am a 40 y/old chick that lives in New York. I like engaging in my interests and hobbies.

I have studied 9 years in the arts and sciences and have Bachelor majors in Multimedia, Psychology and Professional Writing. I also have certificates in OHS and Arts Victoria.

I'm a hardcore rocker from way back I love NASA, Doom the video game and most boomer made gadgets. An 80's child I am, and I love technology and people. I have both a Male (engineering) and Female (people) mind. I believe in humanity and the diversity of the world.

I am an author and have published books in mystery/crime, action/adventure and memoirs.

I hope you enjoy looking at the very best and favourite works from me.

My Specialist fields are..

  • Photography
  • 3D Modelling
  • Illustration
  • Multimedia
  • Sound Engineering
  • Website dev

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  • My Workstation in 2023

    My Workstation today, 19-05-2023.

    Want industry leading design, with intuitive and responsive guidelines!
    Expert image Assets Developer

    I have over 20 years experience in the digital realm of software and computers.

    Schizkitty specialises in the development of 2D assests, Photography, 3D and Illustration. Multimedia Practitioner / Designer based in New York.[]

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