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Welcome to Ashley HM AKA Alisha's Website Site - 2024

Hello and Welcome to Alisha's Website

Hello and welcome to my home on the internet!!

Our Digital Agency business is growing and thriving in these ever evolving times.

My Name is Ashley, Schizkitty is a girl that lives in New York. I am a fun and bubbly person to be around and I enjoy socializing, going out for coffee and sending emails.
I also enjoy my interests in computers, writing stories, taking photographs, blogging and making music.

I am a higher functioning, intellectually accelerated person that has a friendly, fun personality and believes in the diversity of the world.
I work in a home-office in my high-rise apartment.

We like coding in Visual Studio Code (VS-Code)

We offer a multitude of multimedia services, dependent on your needs.

Our industry model is based on a strengths approach and multitasking models of engadgement.

Want industry leading design, with intuitive and responsive guidelines!
Expert image Assets Developer

I have over 20 years experience in the digital realm of software and computers.

Schizkitty specialises in the development of 2D assests, Photography, 3D and Illustration. Multimedia Practitioner / Designer based in New York.[]

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